On Marketing

I would say this feels like deja vu, but it’s been so long since I tried making a website that I can’t even vaguely recall what it felt like. I do remember I didn’t do it very well. At least that aspect feels the same.

Okay, enough with the self pity and time for the self flagellation. I have done a piss-poor job promoting myself since publishing my first book more than a decade ago. What can I say? I’m a horrible salesman. Absolutely horrible. My friend, Rocky, once answered my desperate, “Am I that bad a salesman?” query with the honest and devastating, “John, you could talk anyone out of buying your book.” The problem is that while I know how to write (sort of), I don’t have a freaking clue how to market. No idea. My fellow author, Shane Moore, could probably make a fortune selling packets of sand in Saudi Arabia, but I couldn’t get a man dying of thirst to take a glass of water off my hands free of charge.

So, I need to get over this. Rather than lamenting how bad I am at this, I need to get better, and I’m going to start by putting this bloody website together. It feels about as daunting as taking a stab at throwing together a life-size replica of the Great Pyramids of Egypt, but I’m going to do it, anyway. You, dear reader, will be my companion on this journey. So, watch for updates, watch for info, watch for rantings and ravings. More to come.

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